Conventional Stamping

Conventional Stamping

Transfer Press

Our IHI 1500 Ton Transfer Press line will provide versatility by allowing coil feed operations in this 204” X 108” bed that can handle complex parts with material up to .250” thick and 72” wide.

Progressive Press

The press lines at GNS process over 1 million pounds of steel per week. This is performed using a variety of large and small tonnage presses which help us to produce stampings ranging from large 50+ inch blanks to small minute parts.  We stamp standard, coated, and specialty steels, and are very experienced with the methods of in-die component assembly and in-die tapping.

Shuttle Press

Our patented Shuttle Press Technology is a time proven cost savings to our customers.  Through this technology we have experienced reduced set-up time, and major improvements in both internal and external quality.  This technology allows for both coil and blank feed capabilities.