Welding & Assembly

Welding & Assembly

Welding & Assembly

Our weld capabilities include everything from single component resistance welding to robotic mig welding, and cold head riveting to multi-bracket robotic spot welded assemblies. The GNS weld team, along with our project management team, work with the customer to determine the best possible application to support our customers weld product requirements, quality specifications, and scheduling expectations.

Vision Inspection Systems

Each welder at GNS is equipped with vision system technology to verify proper component presence and placement.

Conveyor style systems are for checking nut presence, orientation, centrality, and correct part identification. This style system can be interchangeable between multiple part numbers.

In-line machine systems are designed to check component presence, and orientation. This style system is designed to inspect all product styles produced on the machine.

Slide Chute style systems are individually designed for each part to check for component presence and orientation.