Engineering & Tooling

Engineering & Tooling

Engineering Capabilities

The GNS engineering team routinely works with our customers to develop viable products and manufacturing methods. We accomplish this using our extensive experience in metal forming coupled with the most recent technology available.

Our program management team has the experience and knowledge to assist our customers with even their most difficult program launches. Whether it is a new program launch, or a tight timing resource project, the GNS team can assist the customer to meet their timing needs.

Some of the Simulation Studies we Perform


Thinning Distribution

Water Flow in Die

Production Level

Tooling Facilities

GNS Tooling Vision: Produce quality, first-in-class tooling with efficiency.

Of the 30,000 square feet currently utilized by the tooling teams at GNS, 2/3’s of that space is dedicated to the design, machining, and assembly of new and prototype tooling. The GNS new tooling team builds, and ships, tools of all sizes domestically and worldwide. With 20,000 square feet to utilize, GNS has ample room, along with the technical capability, for processing large tooling packages.

The additional 10, 000 square feet is dedicated to maintaining the tools that are currently running on the production floor, as well as performing the engineering change requests from our customers. The tool maintenance and repair team are a trained group of individuals who specialize in both maintenance and repair of the tooling, and troubleshooting tooling issues at the machines.

A Leader in EMERGENCY Resource Project Management

GNS is known for their experience in large package resource projects with tight timing requirements. The GNS Tooling Team are experts in resource tool troubleshooting and repair to ensure that customers production lines do not experience interruptions or associated downtime.